Little Finland

little finland sign

The National Finnish American Festival (NFAF) Cultural Center, known as Little Finland, is located on US Highway 2, just west of US Highway 51 South. The center keeps alive the proud heritage of the many Finnish immigrants who settled in the Hurley Area. Its’ purpose is to foster a cultural center and preserve the Finns rich heritage with song, dance, and ethnic foods.
The Harma House and Harro House are log homes of Finnish immigrant families moved and rebuilt on the grounds and houses the Cultural Museum. The building’s timbers, once a part of the historic Ashland ore docks, are notched together using unique Finnish ‘fish tail’ construction. Of special interest is the Finnish/American Settlers’ Memorial Monument, the Banfield Pavilion, and the Taipele Trail (which is a nature/ski trail that crosses a trout stream), and a Fire Circle, all located on the Festival grounds. What Finnish homestead would be without a sauna and the authentic log building named Maki Sauna fits the bill. A gift shop is located in the basement of the main Festival Building that offers several Scandinavian gift items including sauna supplies.

Our gift shop is open May-December,  Tuesdays and Saturdays 10a-2p.DIRECTIONS