Montreal Ski Trails

dogs on a ski trail

The Montreal Ski Trails are 11km of trails located in Montreal and Pence, WI. Trails are groomed for classic XC skiing with room for snowshoers, walkers and dogs. All abilities are welcome and catered to. See Maps page for more details or contact us with questions!

You will be traveling through remnants of the old Montreal Mine. Over 5000 feet deep, the mine produced high-grade iron ore for a growing nation from 1900 - 1962. A series of interpretive signs highlight a few of the mining era artifacts that remain along the trail.

The Montreal trail lies in the middle of the Montreal River Watergap. The trail receives hundreds of inches of lake effect snow each year. We still aren’t sure how the miners put up with it; but we’ll take it and enjoy it. We hope you will too!